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Why Does My Cat Like Sleeping Under the Bed?

We love our cats and all the quirks they have, but it’s normal to wonder what’s up with some of their stranger behaviors.One of these is when your cat likes to sleep under the bed.

It might be a little annoying if you’re trying to find them or if you want to pet them while they’re asleep but knowing why they prefer to do this can help you understand them a little better.

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Why Does My Cat Like Sleeping Under the Bed?

The main reason cats like sleeping under the bed is because it provides a safe space for them to relax.

Cats are prey animals, and part of what makes them feel safe is having somewhere small and enclosed that they can squeeze into. Under the bed fits the bill perfectly!

Under the bed spots also tend to be quiet and out of the way. If your cat is sensitive to noise or too much activity, being under the bed can provide some refuge from it.

Under the bed, it’s often dark and cozy, and there are few places for them to get hurt.

Plus, it’s very easy for cats to get out from under the bed if they need to, but difficult for anyone else to get in, so long as you don’t have any chihuahuas they can slip in just about anywhere.

Many cats also enjoy being near their humans, so they’re likely looking for a place that’s close to where you sleep.

They know you’re there even when your eyes are closed. So, if they’re looking for a place near you to curl up and doze off, they might think the space under your bed is one of the best options available.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Sleeping on My Bed?

It can be jarring when a cat changes their behavior out of the blue.

Luckily, I have some good news: you probably don’t need to worry about this change in behavior!

Cats like to sleep on things that are soft and warm, so it’s possible your cat simply decided that your bed is a nice, comfy place for them to snuggle up at night.

Or maybe they’re just trying to keep you company. Cats do tend to be pretty good judges of character, after all.

If you’re worried about your cat changing their behavior suddenly, here are a few tips to make sure they’re doing okay:

Check in with your veterinarian.

They’ll be able to let you know if there are any health issues that could be causing the change in behavior.

Consider getting another pet

if you don’t already have one. Cats often do better when they have someone else around, whether it’s another cat or a friendly dog.

Make sure they have enough playtime and exercise during the day

If they aren’t getting enough activity, they might act out more at night, which could explain why you’re seeing a change in their sleeping patterns.

The other possibility is that they’re trying to keep you warm at night by using the body heat you give off. It’s not uncommon for cats to do this with people they really love.

And if those two reasons aren’t enough, there are plenty more to choose from

  • they’re bored
  • they love your bedding
  • their bed is too small
  • they get in too many fights with other cats outside, and so on.

Your cat may be trying to get closer to you. Cats, who are solitary creatures by nature, don’t just sleep on our beds because they’re comfortable.

They do it because they want to be close to us. If your cat is sleeping on your bed, it may mean that it’s trying to bond with you or is feeling insecure and needs comfort.

If you think your cat is sleeping on your bed for this reason, try spending more time with it throughout the day. Play with it, cuddle with it, and otherwise make sure that it knows you care about it.

Do Cats Prefer to Sleep Alone?

Do Cats Prefer to Sleep Alone?

Cats are known to be solitary creatures. They’re also very territorial and sometimes will fight with one another if they don’t get along.

So, it begs the question, do cats prefer to sleep alone? The answer may surprise you.

In a study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, researchers looked at the sleeping behavior of domestic cats.

They looked at 117 cats and where each one slept over the course of a week. About 52% of them slept with their owners, and 48% slept alone.

The results were a little confusing, so the researchers broke it down further.

When they looked at how long the cats had lived in the household, they found that cats who lived there less than two years tended to be solitary sleepers, while those who lived there longer spent more time

sleeping with their human companions. This suggests that relationships between cats and humans may take time to develop but once they do, they can be very sweet!

This seems to indicate that cats may not necessarily prefer to sleep alone; rather, they may take more time getting used to a new person or household before they feel comfortable enough to sleep near them on their own.

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Why is My New Cat Sleeping Under Bed?

Why is My New Cat Sleeping Under Bed?

If you have a new cat and she’s sleeping under your bed, welcome to the neighborhood! Cats are very territorial creatures, so it’s safe to say she doesn’t know the house yet.

The first step is to not make any sudden movements or noises in her direction.

Next, try leaving her alone for a few days until she gets comfortable being around you.

If you want to help further bond with her (and get rid of that annoying scratchy under-the-bed ruffling), give her plenty of attention but don’t pet her backside.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Behind the Sofa?

Cats are very curious creatures, and they need to explore their environment. Cats love curling up in a cozy spot, especially if it makes them feel safe.

It could be your cat is just sleeping there because it’s warm, or because it feels safe from other pets or people in the house.

It might be because the cat finds the smell of you and your family on the sofa comforting. You can encourage your cat to sleep somewhere else by putting its bed nearby.

Cats often like to sleep near where you are.

It’s more likely that they’re hiding and trying to find a place to sleep where they don’t feel threatened, “You should. Encourage your cat to sleep in other locations.

Cats have a variety of reasons for sleeping behind sofas, chairs or other furniture. It may be because they just love that spot

It’s warm, comfortable and out of the way. Cats are very territorial animals, and it may simply be their favorite place or perhaps their favorite place as kittens that they haven’t gotten over yet.

Your cat is a predator, and predators tend to rest in elevated places where they can observe their surroundings without being seen.

Your cat may need to feel safe enough to sleep soundly.


If you’re wondering why Kitty likes sleeping under the bed, there are a few reasons. Your cat may feel secure in this confined space, which prevents her from feeling exposed.

She also might like being near one of your feet if you sleep with your feet extended out of the covers. It’s also possible that it’s most comfortable to sleep on the floor or on a cold surface.

And don’t forget that Kitty is just doing what comes naturally, she’s looking for the place where she feels safest before dozing off.

The bottom line is that cats love to sleep anywhere they find themselves to be safe and secure under the bed, in closets, on top of the refrigerator, in a cardboard box.

The possibilities are endless really. One thing for sure we can’t judge our furry friends by human standards.

So if you’re wondering why your cat enjoys sleeping under your bed and look for reasons to criticize their behavior, stop it. They just want to be warm and cozy!

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