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Do Cats Poop Where They Sleep?

Cats are notoriously clean animals. In fact, these feline friends spend more than half of their waking hours grooming themselves, which means they are fastidious about their litter box habits.

But what if you notice your cat has been pooping where they sleep? Is this a sign that something is wrong?

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Under normal circumstances, cats don’t poop where they sleep. If you have a cat who is pooping where he sleeps, it could be a sign that the cat is ill (or unable to control bowel movements) or is extremely upset about what happened around your home and is trying to communicate a message.

Do cats poop where they sleep

If your cat is pooping where it sleeps, despite being in good health the following could be the reasons for this action.

1.      Your Kitty is ill

The first possibility is that your cat has a health problem. If your cat is pooping right where he sleeps, then he might have a disease or something wrong with him.

Psychological and medical conditions such as periuria and/or perichezia, arthritis or an infection could be the cause for that unpleasant act. Cats are very good at hiding these types of illnesses and injuries from us.

However, if you notice this behavior more than once, it’s time to take your cat to the vet!

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2. Kitty Unable to Control Bowel Movement

There could also be probably other factors at play. For instance, she might be having trouble controlling her bowel movement. That could mean she could have loose stool( if she has diarrhea) and that could be the reasons for pooping in her sleep.

3. Cat Is Insecure

Another thing is that your cat could be insecure in the environment. Try not yelling at her (if you do) if she misses the litterbox. The litter box might also be placed in a noisy place or an area where she does not feel safe.

People around could also be harassing or abusing it, either from your household or the neighbors especially children in their teens.

4. Cat trying to communicate a message

The other possibility is that your cat is trying to tell you something.

Cats are very good at communicating through body language and actions like scratching furniture or meowing loudly at the door when they need to use the bathroom outside.

 If your cat poops on his bed, he could be trying to tell you that something’s wrong maybe he feels like there’s an intruder nearby).

Do Kittens Poop in Their Sleep?

No. Under normal conditions, kittens do not poop in their sleep. However, if your kitten has diarrhea, she may have loose stool and poop in her sleep.

Diarrhea in cats is a very serious condition that needs to be taken care of right away. If your kitten has diarrhea, it could be because they have worms or a virus.

So, if you notice that your kitten is having loose stools and you have been feeding them the same food for some time, then chances are they have worms.

And also, diarrhea in kittens could be a result of something they ate that didn’t agree with him or a sign of an infection of some kind.

If your kitten’s stool is green or yellowish in color, this could mean a blockage in his intestines or other issues with his digestion.

Cat Suddenly Pooping Outside Litter Box

Cat suddenly pooping outside litter box is a problem that many cat owners have to deal with. This is a common behavior and can be a sign of a medical problem or stress in your cat’s life.

If you notice your cat pooping outside the litter box, this could be due to a few things; It may just be stress from moving or another change in their lives.

If you’ve recently moved or your cat has been stressed by something at home, this could also be why he or she isn’t using their litter box anymore. The following are some of the reasons for your cat pooping outside the litter box.

1. Medical Problems

Infections such as urinary tract infections or kidney disease can cause cats to associate their pain with the litter box and avoid it in future attempts.

Cats may also associate pain with areas where they’ve eliminated in the past, so they will avoid those places as well.

If your cat has recently begun pooping outside the litter box, take him or her to the vet right away for an exam and tests, especially if your cat has been experiencing other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or lethargy.

If your vet finds no physical cause for this behavior, then it’s likely that stress is causing your cat’s problem.

2. Change In Environment

Sometimes, cats’ poop outside the litter box because they don’t understand where it goes.

This is what I mean by that; if you recently adopted your kitty or moved her to a new home, she may need time to adjust to her new surroundings.

You should also make sure that the litter box is clean and in a quiet area where she feels safe.

If your cat still isn’t using it after two weeks, I would take her in for an exam by your veterinarian.

There may be an underlying medical issue causing her to urinate or defecate outside of her box, such as urinary tract disease or diabetes mellitus.

 Your vet will want to rule out any medical causes before making any changes to her routine.

3. Inappropriate Litter Box Location

Cats like their privacy when doing their business, so make sure that you’re placing your litter box in an area where there aren’t too many distractions around them (like other pets).

 Cats also have a tendency to prefer boxes that are in corners or behind furniture because this gives them some sense of security while using the restroom

4. Anxiety

 Your cat may be stressed by something in your home such as a new baby or visitor. They could also be afraid of something in their environment like the vacuum cleaner or another pet.

 To help solve this problem, try adding more things that make your house feel more comfortable and comforting for your kitty such as scratching posts, toys and cozy beds.

How To Get Your Cat to Stop Pooping on My Bed

The first step to getting  your cat to stop pooping on the bed is to figure out what’s causing it.

 If your cat has a medical condition that causes diarrhea, like an obstruction or feline lower urinary tract disease, then she may be trying to alert you that she’s in pain.

You’ll want to get her checked out by the vet right away if this is the case.

Otherwise, there are several things you can do to prevent accidents:

Keep litter boxes clean and accessible at all times. Cats don’t like using dirty litter boxes and they’re more likely to go somewhere else if they have other options (like your bed).

Make sure she knows where all of her litter boxes are located in relation to each other and your bedroom.

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Do Cats Poop on Floor When Mad?

Yes, cats can poop on the floor when they are angry. . The cat may not be doing it intentionally, but the cat is very good at communicating its feelings.

The reason why your cat poops on the floor when you are angry is because they cannot control their bowels when they are angry. So, they do it to express their anger towards you.

Cats do not like being scolded or disciplined by their owners. When you scold them or give them a hard time for something silly, this makes them angry. When cats get angry, they feel a need to let off some steam and release pent up energy which can be released in one way; by pooping on the floor!

Do Cats Poop Where They Live?

No, cats do not poop where they live. Cats are naturally clean animals by nature. They don’t like to eat or sleep in dirty places, and they will spend hours licking themselves to keep their fur clean and soft.

Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell, and they can easily detect any smells that shouldn’t be around their home.

In fact, many cat owners complain about their cats pooping in the house only when they are stressed out or feeling unwell.

So, a cat pooping where she lives could be due to an illness or even a change in their diet.

Cats could also poop where they live only when there is no other place for them to go

Do Cats Poop Out of Spite?

This is a question that many people have asked themselves at some point.

The answer is no, they don’t do it on purpose. It’s just a coincidence that it happened when you were standing there.

Cats are very independent creatures, and they like to do things their own way.

Do Cats Poop When Scared?

Yes, cats can poop when they are scared or stressed.

Cats are great at hiding their emotions and feelings. But, when it comes to being scared or nervous, they can’t help what their body does. If a cat is scared or nervous, their body will react by making them poop.

 This is why you may find your cat pooping in places that you don’t expect them to.

Why Do Cats’ Poop When They Are Scared?

The reason that cats poop when they are scared is because of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released by the adrenal gland when a cat feels threatened or stressed out.

 As soon as this hormone enters the blood stream, it travels through your pet’s body and causes all sorts of reactions within your cat’s system. One of these reactions is that it makes them want to go poop right away!

Do Cats Need Privacy When They Poop?

Yes, it’s important for cats to have some privacy when going to the bathroom. Not only does it give them a little peace and quiet, but it also allows them to be more comfortable with using their litter box or their behind-the-scenes area.

If you live in a house with multiple cats, this can also help prevent one cat from bullying another. When you’re around all the time, your cat might not feel like they can make mistakes without being criticized or corrected by you.

If they know that they can do whatever they want without being bothered, though, they’ll be more likely to use the litter box without any problems.

Where Do Street Cats Poop?

Feral cats are wild animals. They are not domestic pets, but they live among humans. This means you can’t expect them to behave like normal house cats.

Cats have a natural aversion to pooping where they eat and sleep. However, feral cats can’t be forced to use the litter box like a domesticated cat can be trained to do.

 They will naturally poop in places where they won’t get their fur dirty while they’re grooming themselves.

So where do street cats poop? Here’s a list of some of the most common places:

  • In bushes and shrubs
  • Near dumpsters or other garbage cans
  • Under porches or staircases
  • On top of fences or railings
  • On rooftops

Do Cats Revenge Poop

No, cats do not revenge poop

It’s true that cats can hold grudges, but revenge is not really in their nature.

A cat who has been wronged may not feel particularly vengeful, but he will remember what happened and may choose not to trust the perpetrator again.

But if someone harms your cat and then leaves without apologizing or providing some form of compensation (such as a treat).

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What To Do If Kitten Poops on Bed?

If you have a new kitten, it’s likely that you’ll experience an accident or two. The best way to deal with this is to clean up the mess immediately, before it has time to dry and stain.

If you have a puppy or an older cat who doesn’t always make it outside in time, chances are they will poop on the bed at some point, whether by accident or whatever reason.

 If that happens, don’t panic! It can be cleaned up easily and your sheets will be good as new in no time.

The problem is, most people don’t know what to do when their kitten poops on their bed.

Here’s a list of five things you can do if your kitten poops on your bed:

  1. Use a paper towel to wipe up any loose feces from the bed.
  2. Spray an enzyme cleaner on the area where the poop was deposited and blot it up with paper towels until you get rid of all traces of the poop.
  3. Once all traces are gone, add white vinegar to warm water and wipe down the area with it using another paper towel until it’s completely clean again.
  4. After everything has dried off, sprinkle baking soda over the area where the poop was deposited and wait until it’s dry before going back into your bedroom again so that you don’t spread germs onto other areas of your home by doing this step prematurely!


The majority of cats do not poop where they sleep. This means that if your cat does poop where it sleeps then you are likely dealing with a special case

If a cat leaves feces around the house, it may have health issues that need to be addressed by a vet. First and foremost, we are talking about litter-box training; cats don’t eliminate where they eat or sleep.

Hope this guide has been helpful. Thanks for reading.




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