Ultimate Guide to Black Cats With Green Eyes {Including Most Popular Names}

Black cats with green eyes are commonly Bombay cat breed. They have a long, black coat and green eyes.

Bombays are brilliant cats who love to play games with their owners. Bombays have long fur that is thick and soft to the touch. Their coats can be straight or wavy and come in many different colors and patterns.

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Bombays were bred as companion animals for humans. However, they’ve been used as hunting cats for centuries because of their skills in hunting small animals like mice and rats. Bombays are very gentle compared to other breeds of cats, so they make great pets for children and senior citizens.

Bombays have a unique coat color, described as “vividly deep chocolate.” These cats have a typical shorthair body structure with rounded ears, a long tail, and giant paws. Their fur is long and thick, and their eyes are usually green or hazel.

Here are some common breeds of black cats with green eyes:

  • Bombay cat breed
  • Bengal breed
  • Persian breed
  • American shorthair breed

The Bombay cat has a long history in the United States, where many people claim to be descendants of cats brought over by sailors from India during the late 19th century. The breed’s distinctive blue eyes are believed to be inherited from either Siamese or Abyssinian cats brought to the country by seafarers.

The Personality Of Black Cats With Green Eyes

Black cats with green eyes are just as friendly, loving, and playful as their black cat friends. These have a great sense of humor and love to play, especially if their owners have given them much attention.

They can be very affectionate, especially when they feel loved. These cats will give kisses on your face and purr when they are happy. This breed also likes to sleep on your lap, under the covers, or near your feet at night.

Black cats with green eyes come in two types: domestic and wild. Domestic cats have green eyes due to a genetic mutation that allows them to see better in low-light conditions. Feral cats have blue-gray or hazel eyes because they do not need to see well in low-light conditions, so they do not have this mutation.

How Much Is A Green-Eyed Black Cat?

The cost of a black cat with green eyes depends on the cat’s age, gender, and health.

The average cost for a kitten is $500, and you can pay between $500 and $1,000 for an adult cat. A healthy kitten will cost you less than an older, more mature cat.

The price of an adult cat will depend on its condition, age, gender, and location. Contact your local SPCA or animal shelter to find out how much it will cost to adopt your new feline friend.

The best way to find out how much your black cat with green eyes will cost is to visit a breeder or shelter and ask them how much they charge for their kittens.

If you live in a large city like New York City or San Francisco, many breeders specialize in cats that have green eyes and are black. You can find them at local pet stores.

 Some names for black cats that have green eyes

And if you are looking for a cool name to give your green-eyed cat, here is a list.

  • Autumn
  • Azrael
  • Candy
  • Dracula
  • Eve (All Hallows)
  • Freddy
  • Gargamel
  • Harlow
  • Ichabod
  • Igor
  • Jack (O’lantern)
  • Mary (From Hocus Pocus)
  • Monster
  • Moon
  • October
  • Phantom
  • Sarah (From Hocus Pocus)
  • Scary
  • ShadowDamion
  • Spooky
  • Winifred (From Hocus Pocus)

For more names, check out The Paws

Where Do They Sell Black Cats With Green Eyes?

The animal shelter is a prevalent place to find cats for sale or adoption. However, there are several other places where you can buy a cat.

For example, breeders can list their pets for sale on social media. In that case, you can buy them online.

Buying pets online can come with some benefits, and that is why several other people prefer buying pets online:

Online stores have more options. Pet owners who buy their pets online can choose from a more extensive selection of cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other animals than those available at brick-and-mortar stores. 

They may also have more specialized breeds of cats that you may not find in your local store.

Social media is other online places to buy a cat (for example, Facebook groups). Some people use these sites specifically to sell their cats because they have too many pets and don’t need them anymore!

You may also see ads for “free-to-good-home” cats on Craigslist or other free classified sites like Kijiji (Canada only).


To sum it up all, black cats with green eyes are not uncommon among breeds of cats. On top of that, these breeds are among the most attractive pets.

The green eyes are what make these cats unique. Sometimes they can be hard to find in any other breed of cat! The combination of black and green eyes is striking, but it’s what makes these cats so unique.

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