Why Does My Cat Meow When I’m In the Shower?

Cats are attention seekers and love getting attention from their owners especially when they feel abandoned.

You have probably seen your cat come rub against your legs while you are sitting. At some point, you will also notice your cat coming to sit on your work desk as work on your computer. Sometimes cats feel insecure and want to be near their owners in order to feel safe.

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If your cat is meowing while you’re taking a shower, it’s probably because she wants to join you in there but at the same time doesn’t want to get wet, so she is simply confused. Because of that, she doesn’t really know how to get your attention and so she insistently meows to get your attention.

cat meowing by the door

They might also feel lonely without you around (when you are in the shower), so they want to make sure there’s someone nearby who can cheer them up.

If you hear your cat meowing in the shower, try giving them some love before you start washing up! There is an old saying that goes on to say, “curiosity killed a cat”.

That’s right, cats are very curious animals that are on the look out to investigate everything around their environment.

And so, your cat might just be curious to know what you are doing in the bathroom every time you enter and close the door or shower curtain.

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Why My Cat Guards Me When I Shower?

You may have noticed that your cat seems to be guarding you when you’re taking a shower. This is because cats are naturally curious creatures, and they want to know what you’re up to in the bathroom.

Cats guard you when you shower because they think that you are in danger with water. Cats naturally hate water and that puzzles them to see you get into the water voluntarily. They simply can’t get it, and they are afraid and worried for you all the time you are in the shower.

Cats also love to take care of their owners, and they will often follow them around the house or even outside to make sure they are safe.

Cats also like to smell their owners after a shower, so being able to get close enough to hear them talk and smell them could be very appealing for your cat!

In addition, cats want to know what people do when they’re alone, so when they see someone going off on their own for a little bit, they naturally want to hang out with them and make sure nothing bad happens.

Why does my cat attack me when I get in the shower?

When your cat seems to attack you when you get in the shower, its because she is worried and doesn’t want you to go in there. Cats are naturally afraid of getting to the water

Cats consider bathing as a life-threatening event and because of that, when they see their human owner get into the bathroom, they can try by all means to try and stop them from going in there, and one way they do that is by too distracting them.

This can be in form of biting or attacking you, just to make sure you don’t go under water.

Even worse when you go into the shower and shut the door, it sounds like a lot of water running! What’s wrong? Is the human being in danger?

Cats can really freak out and do all sorts of things just because you are in the shower. That’s normal behavior for them.

My Cat Gets in Shower

Your cat might be getting in the shower because it is imitating a certain behavior or a certain person. Your cat might have probably seen you get in the shower, making it curious to do the same.

It’s safe for cats to get in the shower with you, but it’s important to keep them out of the bathtub that is being used.

While your cat may not have any issues with getting wet, it could still contract a disease from the water or soap that was being used by someone in the bathtub.

Keeping your cat safe in the shower involves two steps:

  1.  keeping them out of the bathtub and keeping them away from other people who are in the shower.
  2. Ensure that your cat is out of reach of things like bleaching detergents that may be found in the shower.

Why Does My Cat Love the Sink?

Your cat loves like laying in the sink because its almost round and the cat perfectly fits in it. The sink is also cool which makes them feel comfortable. Cats also love the sink because its elevation is a great lookout point for them.

That said sinks are like drinking sources for cats. And for tat matter, they tend to be fascinated by their drinking source.

For example, they naturally love to see the moving water, bathtubs filling gup, water dripping from the table, toilet flush creeks run etc.

To add to that, cats high value moving water to stagnant water largely because they feel safer to drink it.

To the native cats, water relates to the survival and things like toilets, bathtubs, sinks, lakes and streams are fascinating to cats. Why does water move? How did it get there?    

Why is My Cat Meowing Insistently?

There could be so many reasons why your cat is meowing insistently. These include the following.

1. Cat is Hungry

One of the most common reasons for a cat to meow insistently is that the cat is hungry. Cats have well-developed brains and can tell when they are hungry. And if you don’t feed them soon enough, they will continue to meow until you do.

2. Boredom or Seeking Attention

Another very common reason is that your cat is bored or lonely. Some cats like to play with their owners. While others prefer to be alone.

If your cat is not getting enough attention from you or another pet or person in the house, it may resort to meowing at people in order to get more attention from them.

3. Cat Feels threatened

Sometimes, when a cat feels threatened, they may meow insistently in an attempt to make themselves heard over any noise or competing smells that might be causing them distress.

4. In Pain or Needs Medical attention

In some cases, a cat will meow persistently because he or she has an internal medical issue that needs treatment by a veterinarian.

For example, if your cat has kidney failure or urinary tract infection, it might be trying to communicate this condition to please you so that you will take him/her to see a vet sooner rather than later!

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Cats are creatures of habit. They like to know what’s coming and when, so they can get ready for it. When you’re showering, your cat might be afraid and worried about because she feels the water is too dangerous for you.

Sometimes cats could also be distracting you from going into the shower by either biting or attacking you.  It doesn’t mean she is mad at it; in fact she cares about you and doesn’t want you to be in danger with the water.

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