Why is My Cat Obsessed With The Fridge?

Wondering about your cat’s behavior? Whether you’re an animal lover or have a pet, you’ve probably wondered if your cat is acting weird. You’re not alone. And if you are reading this article because you are asking yourself why your cat is obsessed with the fridge, read our answer below.

A fridge in the eyes of your cat is just a very tempting place to be explored because of its depth, compartments, shelves, drawers, things on the shelves and mysterious spaces behind the things that are on the shelves.

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a cat obsessed with the fridge

To cats, there are various tantalizing smells of different foods to be investigated and interesting sounds coming from inside the fridge. There may be some food items in the fridge that smell good to them, such as raw meat and fish. They are very curious by nature and want to explore everything new they see or hear in their environment.


They also love to climb up and down from high places like refrigerators or countertops to get those interesting smells or tastes from these places. This can provide them with a sense of security as well as entertainment while they explore their surroundings with their senses wide open!

So, they want to go inside and explore it.

Do not forget that cats love to explore new places and hunt for prey too. That’s why they are so interested in everything around them.

But be mindful however, every time you are preparing food in your kitchen and your open your fridge.

When you leave the fridge open cats can come over to investigate what’s going on there and may also try to sneak into your fridge (some cat owners have reported accidentally locking cats in their fridges.)

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Why Does My Cat Like the Freezer?

Cats love to explore their environment in order to learn what’s going on, and that includes learning about where they can find food. It’s not surprising that they’re drawn to the freezer. It’s a great place to hide treats!

Cats love being cool, and they like to be comfortable. The freezer helps keep them cool, and it’s a nice place where they can sit down for a while and relax. And that is why they seem to like the freezer.

But there’s more to it than just that. Freezers are cool, which makes them an ideal place for cats to hang out when they want to chill out.

Additionally, most freezers have an automatic defrost cycle. Which means that it cycles on and off periodically throughout the day, releasing warm air into the room.

And often making your cat feel like it’s getting petted. This is especially appealing in hot or humid weather!

Cats also love the freezer because they smell food in there. And maybe because they know that you keep treats in there. They might have seen you putting their favorite treats or getting them from the freezer.

It’s also because they love the sound. Cats are very sensitive to certain noises, and they like to get up close and personal with them. The sound of a fridge is one that cats find particularly fascinating

it’s an artificial sound that humans wouldn’t even notice if they weren’t trying to listen for it. But when you’re a cat, it’s like having a new toy all over again!

How Long Can a Cat Survive in A Fridge?

In general, a cat can survive for several days in a refrigerator. This is assuming the refrigerator is not too cold and there is enough oxygen available.

During the first 24 hours, the cat will be uncomfortable and hungry. After that time, it will become lethargic and weak. Eventually, it will die from starvation or suffocation from lack of oxygen.

How long a cat can survive depends on many factors, including its size, age and health. It also depends on how cold the refrigerator is kept at and how well-ventilated it is.

If you are trying to rescue a pet cat that has been accidentally locked inside your refrigerator, try to open up one of the doors as soon as possible. If this isn’t possible, then call your vet or local animal shelter for advice on how to proceed with an emergency rescue operation

How To Keep Cat Out of Refrigerator?

If you have a cat, you know that they tend to get into everything. One of their favorite places to be is in your refrigerator.

They love the cool air and the smell of food. But if you’re trying to keep your cat out of your refrigerator, there are some things you can do.

  1. Close door when not in Use

Make sure that all doors are closed when not in use. Cats love to hide under things, so this will help prevent them from sneaking in when you’re not looking.

  • Place citrus peels around the opening of the refrigerator where it meets up with the floor (or on top of an open door). This will deter cats because they won’t be able to stand the smell!
  • Invest in a cat-proof lock for your refrigerator door. These locks can be purchased at most pet stores and come in a variety of different colors and styles.

They are designed to block your cat from entering the fridge while still allowing you to access it easily.

  •  If you have multiple cats, consider putting up a baby gate between them and the kitchen area where the fridge is located.

This will keep them out of trouble while still allowing them access to all other areas of your house as needed by other members of your family who want to interact with them directly. Without having to worry about interference from other pets (such as dogs).

  • Make sure there’s nothing in the refrigerator that they want. If they’re getting into it because there’s something they like in there, take it out and put it somewhere else.
  •  Cover the door with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Cats don’t like their paws getting stuck in sticky things, so this may keep them out of your fridge!


I Put My Cat in The Freezer

It’s not normal to put a cat in the freezer, but it is possible to do so.

The reason that it’s not normal is that it can be potentially dangerous for your cat’s health. Putting your cat in the freezer could cause its body temperature to drop too far.

Which can lead to hypothermia and even death. Even if your cat survives freezing, it will likely suffer from hypothermia for days afterward, which can cause long-term organ damage.

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Why Is My Cat Meowing at The Fridge?

If you hear your kitty meowing at the fridge, chances are she wants something from inside, maybe she’s hungry? Or maybe she wants you to open it so she can get some food out for herself?

Sometimes it may be that they just want some food: Cats are smart animals who know what they want, and when they want it. They’re also very persistent about getting what they want too!


Hope you have learnt why your cat is obsessed with the fridge. They are all intrigued with this magical box. From time to time, you have watched your own cats as they examine what goes on inside the refrigerator.

You could say it is their fascination or curiosity for this appliance of sorts that makes them continuously go back to it. Cats get carried away by things that seem to interest them.

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