Cat Keeps Meowing in Bathroom? Are Cats Afraid When Left Alone?

Cats are common pets that could be seen in every houses. However, sometimes these cats could keep meowing in bathrooms (or in the toilet). Which is so annoying to pet lovers, some believe that the sound of running water reminds these kinds of cats to drink.

It’s not uncommon for cats to meow in a bathroom. Cats are drawn to the sound of running water, and they can also get curious about what’s going on in the bathroom.

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Usually, cat’s meow when they want attention or food. They can also meow when they want you to do something for them that they can’t do on their own. Check their litter box, she might be telling you its dirty and needs cleaning before she can use it again.

Cat Keeps Meowing in Bathroom

 If you’re trying to get ready for work or school and your cat keeps meowing while you’re in the bathroom, it could be because she wants your attention and is trying to get you to pay attention to her.

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Why Does My Cat Meow in The Bathroom at Night?

Your cat is meowing in the bathroom at night because it might have seen or heard something outside. Or simply trying to communicate with other cats outside. Most cat will meow in the bathroom when they want to go out of the house to mate with ither cats.

Cats have different reasons for meowing and sometimes it can be hard to tell what they mean by it. Some cat’s meow as a way of communicating with other cats or humans.

Other times, it’s just part of their normal communication habits with each other and us!

Cat Sleeps in Bathroom at Night

Cats like to sleep in warm places, and since our bathrooms tend to be pretty warmer with the heat from our central heater, it can be very appealing for them. It may also be because your cat feels safe and secure there.

The bathroom is a ‘safe place.’ It’s usually a smaller space, making it easier to defend from intruders. It also has fewer places for other animals to hide or seek shelter.

The bathroom may be warmer than other rooms in your home. Cats are known for their preference of warm places to sleep, so this could be another reason why they choose this location.

If you have more than one pet cat, this could be another reason why your feline friend likes sleeping in the bathroom at night.

Some cats do not get along well with other cats and will hide from them when they can find a place where they won’t be disturbed by their presence.

 If you don’t want your cat sleeping in the bathroom at night, there are some things you can try:

  • Make sure all doors leading out of the bathroom are closed tight and secured with baby gates or other barriers.
  • Keep your cat’s litter box clean! If you notice that your cat spends too much time going back and forth between rooms looking for its litter box, this might be why! Make sure it doesn’t get too full of waste so that your kitty isn’t attracted to go outside its normal boundaries.

Sick Cat Sleeping in Bathtub

There are many reasons why a sick cat will sleep in the bathtub. If a cat is sick, he or she may be more likely to stay in one place, and this is especially true if the cat has an injury or illness that interferes with mobility.

Cats with a fever might not be able to do this, which can cause them to feel ill and uncomfortable. If your cat is sick, they may stay in the bathtub. This is because cats like to sleep in areas that feel safe and secure. Bathtubs may seem like a place where the cat can get away from danger and be warm and dry.

Cats are very sensitive to sound, so they might also be bothered by loud noises that humans can’t hear.

If you have more than one cat, it could be a way for your sick kitty to separate herself from the fun and excitement that comes with having other cats around.

Locking Cat in Bathroom at Night- Is It OK?

Cat in Bathroom at Night- Is It OK?

Cats are nocturnal animals, so they tend to be more active during the night than during the day.

If you lock your cat in a bathroom at night it will probably be awake and active when you want to sleep, which can make for an unpleasant experience for both of you.

Additionally, cats need access to fresh air and sunshine every day. If you keep your cat indoors all day and then lock it in a small space overnight, it won’t get enough exposure to these essential elements unless you provide them.

Instead of locking your cat up at night, try creating an open space with adequate ventilation where she can sleep comfortably without disrupting anyone else’s restful slumber.

Cats need their freedom and locking them up is going to stress them out. They’re not like dogs, who are quite content to sleep on the floor or even in a crate.

There are better ways to keep your cat out of trouble at night. The most obvious one is closing doors between rooms or using baby gates on doorways.

You can also try using double-sided tape on the floor or other surfaces that your cat likes to scratch or climb on, so that when he goes after them, he gets stuck instead of making progress toward getting out of his room.

Why Does My Cat Go into Another Room and Meow?

If you have a cat, you’ve probably been puzzled by your pet’s behavior at some point. Why does it suddenly go into another room and meow? Is it lonely? Is it hungry? Does it want to play?

It can be hard to tell what’s on your cat’s mind, especially when it comes to vocalizations like meowing.

The most common reason for a cat to go into another room and meow is because they are trying to get your attention.

This could be because they want to play or because they need something from their owner.

 Some cats will also do this if they feel threatened or scared, so if your cat seems nervous or anxious around someone or something specific, try giving them some space in order to calm down.

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Cat Sitting on Toilet

What you may not know is that there are many reasons why cats like to sit on the toilet. The first reason is that it’s warm and cozy, especially if you have a heated seat.

cat sitting on a toilet

Another reason cats like to sit on the toilet is because they enjoy the sound of water flush down the drain.  Their natural curiosity makes them want to investigate every nook and cranny of your home, which is why they often climb onto high surfaces like furniture or even kitchen cabinets!

Why Does My Cat Sit at My Feet When I’m On the Toilet?

If your cat is sitting at your feet when you use the bathroom, then there could be several reasons for this behavior.

It could just be that the animal is curious about what’s happening in this part of the house, or it might be that he wants something from you. A cat may sit at someone’s feet if he wants attention, food or even if he wants to play with him or her.

Cats are known to be very curious and playful animals. They want to know everything, and they want to be where you are.

Cats like to observe what is going on around them and will often sit near things or people who interest them.

Why Does My Cat Sit in The Shower After I Shower?

Here are some reasons why your cat might sit in the shower after you’ve taken a bath or shower:

  1. It’s cozy in the shower. Your cat wants to keep warmer because your bathroom gets warm after you shower with hot water.

Your bathroom probably gets warmer than other parts of the house, so it may be a nice spot for your kitty to hang out. It also may be a cozy place for him to nap.

The bathroom also has a humid and moist environment, which can be comfortable for cats.

  •  Your cat could be attracted to the scent of soap or shampoo on your skin or clothing. This can cause them to want to follow it wherever you go!
  • Cats love being near their owners, so if you’re spending time in the bathroom before bedtime, they may want to join you for a relaxing evening soak.


In general, cats love doing what they please and getting everything their own way. As a result, they could be letting you know they disapprove of being left alone in the bathroom.(that is, if your deliberately left her in the bathroom)

They might even be trying to communicate with you on another level entirely. Either way, it’s best to figure out why your cat is meowing in the bathroom to ensure their safety and your sanity.

It’s always good to check up on your cat if you hear it meow in any room. It may simply be trying to communicate with you about something.

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