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My Cat Suddenly Hates My Husband (Here’s Why)

When you see your cat hiss, growl, and scamper away from your husband, what usually does this imply? Is he really scared of him or is it just his typical behavior?

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4 Reasons Your Cat Suddenly Hates Your Husband

There are multiple reasons your cat might suddenly hate your husband, and these include territorial reasons, jealousy, pheromones and your husband might have hurt your cat accidentally without realizing it.

when your cat hates your spouse


1. Territorial Reasons

If your husband is new in the household and if he has been spending his time with you or the children instead of the cat, this may be why your cat is acting out.
The cat may be trying to exert control over its environment by being aggressive towards your husband.

Cats tend to feel this way about whoever shares their home space with them, whether it’s another human or another animal.

So, if you’ve just moved in with your partner, or if they’ve just moved in with you, it may take a while for your cat to get used to their new housemate.

2. Jealousy Cat

If your cat is jealous of the attention that you give to your husband or to the children, it may also act out against him as a way of getting some attention for itself.

Cats like to have their owners’ attention whenever they want it, and if you’re spending time with someone else, they can get pretty upset. Again, this is likely just a matter of time and getting used to each other.

3. Pheromones/ Smells

Pheromones can also affect how cats behave around people. Humans have naturally occurred pheromones of their own, but they are different from those in cats.

 If your cat smells a lot like you, then it may be more inclined to cuddle with you than with someone else who does not smell like you.

 So, if your husband smells differently. If your husband is wearing a new cologne or if he has recently started taking up a new hobby, such as smoking cigars or playing football, then this might cause some alarm for your cat.

 Your cat has been around you and your family for several years now and has gotten used to your scents and habits, but when there is an unfamiliar smell lingering in the air, then that might raise some red flags with them.

4. Your Husband Might Have Accidentally Hurt Your Cat Accidentally

Your husband may have accidentally hurt your cat without realizing it. Cats can have an amazing ability to hide pain and injury, especially if they’re afraid of something or someone that they perceive as dangerous.

My Boyfriend Is Mean to My Cat

if your boyfriend is constantly saying mean things about your cat, or treating her poorly in front of you, then it’s because he wants you to feel bad.

You may be wondering why he’d want to do that, but the reality is that some people just don’t know how to deal with their own emotions.

If the two of you got into a fight or if he was feeling insecure about his role in the relationship, it may simply be easier for him to take out his frustration on your beloved cat than face his own issues head on, like a healthy adult would, no offense.

It sounds like your boyfriend feels jealous of your cat. It’s common for people to feel jealous of their pets. This is because often the partner gives more attention to the pets than the human partner.

So, perhaps you could try spending more time with your boyfriend than with your cat. This can help to make him feel that he is receiving enough attention from you, rather than feeling left out.

It could also be due to a variety of reasons. Perhaps your boyfriend has had a negative experience with a cat in the past or is afraid of them. It could be that he’s jealous of the time you spend with the cat.

That said, if he you have just moved in with your boyfriend (or if he is your new boyfriend) it could be a red flag of things to come.

If he can’t respect how, you feel or treat your pet, it just tells you much more he will not respect you on bigger issues and decisions.

Why My Girlfriend’s Cat Hates Me

Cats are quirky, and they don’t always like to share their space. If your cat is giving a cold shoulder, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time. You and your girlfriend’s cat will eventually get along can help your cat and boyfriend get along.

While cats may develop a dislike for someone over time, it’s also possible that the behavior could have been there from the onset and simply presented itself once you moved in.

The first thing to recommend is to get involved with feeding or cleaning the litter box. This gives you a chance to bond with your girlfriend’s cat while doing something you normally would have done anyway.

It also establishes you as someone who takes care of her, which can help build trust.

How To Get My Cat to Stop Hating My Boyfriend

You may think your cat hates your boyfriend, but that’s not it at all. They’re just trying to protect you, because they recognize your boyfriend as a threat.

To get your cat to stop hating your boyfriend, you have to change their opinion of him and show them that he’s a friend, not a foe.

The easiest way to do this is with treats! First, let your cat get comfortable with the idea of treats by tossing one on the floor and putting it in the same place every day.

Once they start looking for the treat each day and associating it with something good happening, start putting it in different places around the house.

Then introduce the idea of letting your boyfriend deliver treats before you feed them to your cat. That way he’ll start associating his presence with good things.

When you’re ready to take it to the next level, try feeding your cat some of its regular food out of your boyfriend’s hand so that your boyfriend is actually delivering food for the first time.

If this goes well, you can move on to holding hands! Go slowly on this step, don’t rush in or you’ll scare your cat away from trusting your boyfriend again. Instead, go slow

How To Get Cat to Like Boyfriend

Cats are notorious for being picky. When your cat doesn’t like your boyfriend, it can be a huge source of stress for both you and your cat.

How To Get Cat to Like Boyfriend

Being around an energy she doesn’t like can make her anxious and stressed out, and that might cause her to become more aggressive or destructive.

Here’s what to do when your cat isn’t into the guy you’re bringing home.

First, remember that cats are selective about who they like, it’s not just about your boyfriend being on the outs with your cat.

She also has to like you if she’s going to put up with him. So, start by making sure you’re doing everything you can to keep her happy.

She should have a good supply of food and water, lots of toys and scratching posts, a clean litter box, and plenty of places to climb or hide.

If she’s happy, she’ll be more likely to put up with him and maybe even learn to like him!

Once you know she’s feeling good, start getting her used to his scent. Before he comes over, rub a blanket on him that smells strongly of his cologne or aftershave.

9 Tips to Get Your Cat to Like Your Boyfriend

  1. Don’t Force It
  2. Try a New Behavior
  3. Avoid shouting or fighting around your cat
  4. Encourage positive interactions between the two
  5. Ensure your cat is getting plenty of alone time with your boyfriend
  6. Let your cat see you petting your boyfriend
  7. Make your boyfriend smell like you if possible
  8. Warm up to the idea of your cat and your boyfriend cuddling
  9. Make sure that the food your boyfriend gives them is clean and high quality

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My Cat Keeps Attacking My Girlfriend

First of all, cats are born predators. It’s their instinct to hunt and fight.

This can be incredibly helpful when you live in a house with mice or other pests, but it’s not ideal when your cat wants to attack the person you love most in the world.

Secondly, cats are territorial creatures. They want to protect their space from intruders. It could be that your cat is picking up on the fact that your girlfriend is not one of the family members in your cat’s eyes.

Thirdly, and here’s where it gets really crazy. Cats can experience jealousy! So, if your girlfriend is getting more attention than your cat is, it could be the reason she is attacking your girlfriend.

For example, if she gets petted first or she gets to eat from a plate instead of a bowl, then it could be that the cat is jealous and acting out as a result.

The most common reasons that cats will attack other people include

  • A sense of possession over you, the owner
  • A sense of possession over their territory, your home
  • Low self-esteem and anxiety due to changes in their environment
  • Fear of strangers and unfamiliar people coming into their space or territory
  • Feeling as though someone else is taking their place in the pack, your family

Some Reasons Your Cat Hates One Person Only

As cat owners, we know that our pets can be a little temperamental at times. We know they’re often unpredictable or moody.

But what we don’t always realize is that their personalities are just as complex as our own. Like us, cats each have their own unique quirks, preferences and sensitivities.

So, if your cat isn’t behaving the way you’d like, it’s important to be patient and understanding rather than getting frustrated at them or simply writing off their behavior as bad.

One of the most common situations we see with cats is when they dislike a particular person, sometimes even one of their owners.

Sometimes this is because of something that person did, like picking up the cat when it didn’t want to be picked up or yelling at it for jumping on the table.

But other times there seems to be no rhyme or reason for why the cat has chosen that person as its target, the cat may simply dislike the person’s smell.

 Of course, you can’t control how your cat feels about someone else. The best option it to start teaching your cat to start liking that person like we have discussed above.


Like the title says, sometimes even cats just don’t like people. It’s said that animals are much more perceptive than we give them credit for.

Your cat might have sensed something about your husband you weren’t aware of; it’s hard to know. Still, as an owner, you need to find out what is causing his behavior and make sure your husband doesn’t do anything stupid to antagonize him.

I’ve found that some cats have a tendency to dislike specific humans in their environment. It might be because of something the person did or didn’t do in the cat’s past.

Perhaps there was an incident where your husband frightened or hurt the cat in some way. Maybe he’s simply come to view him as an intruder in his territory.



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